About Us

In 2018, while researching for a project for my Gold Award, I discovered that there are almost no programs for kids younger than 8th grade in Aerospace Engineering. Furthermore, more boys participate in these programs in increased numbers than girls if anything is offered. Most girls lose interest in science by 4th grade, believing the stereotype that math and science are male interests, despite outperforming boys on tests. I know this firsthand because when I was in high school, I was one of two other girls in my Aerospace Club. And my older sister, when she started as a freshman majoring in Aerospace Engineering, was a minority, as a female, on her campus. Her campus’s ratio is five boys to one girl. This is the same statistic my father saw when he attended engineering school for Chemical Engineering. At the time of my research, only 13.3% of people who enter the aerospace field in the USA were women. Thus, Girls Rock-et was created to introduce girls to this exciting and fun career.

–Madeleine Coote, Founder of Girls Rock-et



Girls Rock-et is focused on providing opportunities through education and advocacy in programs and initiatives that foster equity, enthusiasm, and empowerment for girls and young women in Aerospace engineering.  


Promote education and advocacy to fuel awareness, passion, and growth opportunities for girls and young women to launch successful Aerospace Engineering careers.